Bar Entry Terms & Conditions

By entering this Bar, you are deemed to have accepted each of the terms below. The Country Rev Up and its agents reserve the right to refuse any person’s admission to the Bar in their sole discretion. If you do not accept any of these terms, you must not enter.  

If you act inconsistently with any of these terms, you may be removed. Failure to vacate the bar and its immediate vicinity can lead to a penalty offence.  

  • You must produce a valid proof of age photo ID to secure service at the licensed area and be wearing the allocated “over 18 wristband”. It is against the law to show false or misleading ID (Section 126(2) – Liquor Control Act 1988). 
  • Only the following photograph ID is accepted: 
    • Current Australian Driver’s Licence.
    • Current Passport.
    • Current Western Australian Proof-of-Age card.
    • Current Australian Learner Driver Permit with photograph. 
    • Current Western Australian Photo card. 
    • Proof of Age card or equivalent issued in an Australian state of territory.
    • Australian Post Key Pass ID. 
  • If a manager or employee of the event deems that you are ‘drunk’ you will not be served liquor and you will be required to leave the venue. (Section (A) & 115 (2), 115 (4) – Liquor Control Act 1988). 
  • You can be considered drunk if: 
    • Your speech, balance, coordination or behaviour appears to be noticeably impaired.
    • It is reasonable to believe that your impairment is the result from consumption of liquor. 
  • Patrons deemed to be impaired by the consumption of alcohol or a substance other than alcohol will, be refused entry to, or ejected from the event by authorised representatives in accordance with the Liquor Control Act. 
  • Patrons wishing to purchase and or consume alcohol must be 18 years and over and have valid photographic ID. Anyone found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the event & may face criminal charges. Any minor found consuming or in possession of alcohol face similar action.